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COMP 524: Programming Language Concepts


Note: all times are in 24-hour time (so e.g. 15:30 means 3:30pm).

#namereleased atdue atgraded submission atraw scoreout ofraw %curved %solutionattribution/pledge completed
1racket-practice2022-01-14 11:002022-01-24 10:10--11--solutionnot logged in
2tokenizer2022-01-24 11:002022-01-31 10:10--0--solutionnot logged in
3parser2022-01-31 11:002022-02-07 10:10--0--solutionnot logged in
4topics in PL (Kritik)----0---not logged in
5simple evaluator2022-02-16 11:002022-02-23 10:10--0--solutionnot logged in
6environment passing interpreter2022-02-23 11:002022-03-02 10:10--0--solutionnot logged in
7oop interpreter2022-03-02 11:002022-03-12 10:10--0--solutionnot logged in
8OOP debate club (Kritik)--------not logged in
9sml-practice2022-03-30 11:002022-04-07 10:10--11--solutionnot logged in
10prolog-practice2022-04-06 11:002022-04-18 10:10--11--solutionnot logged in
11Final exam question round-up--------not logged in

Programming assignment grade (final): 0.0%

(worth 30% of your course grade; lowest 2 of 8 dropped)

* Gradescope autograders give a score of 0 if the pledge and attribution weren't filled out. So if your score is positive, you're good. And if it's 0, there's no point in a pledge/attribution anyway.

Kritik assignment grade (final):0.0%

(worth 10% of your course grade; lowest 1 of 3 dropped)