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COMP 524: Programming Language Concepts


Mon Jan 10(FDOC) welcome; course policies
Wed Jan 12topics overview; Racket 1
Fri Jan 14Racket 2A1 released
🎉Mon Jan 17Martin Luther King holiday (no class)
Wed Jan 19Racket 3
Fri Jan 21❄ no class (snow day) (Racket bonus)E1 released
Mon Jan 24tokenizers and lexical analysisA1 due; A2 released
Wed Jan 26grammars
Fri Jan 28LL(1) grammarsE1 due; E2 released
Mon Jan 31recursive descent parsersA2 due; A3 released
Wed Feb 2semantics
Fri Feb 4evaluationE2 due; E3 released
Mon Feb 7environmentsA3 due; A4 released
Wed Feb 9⏰ midterm exam 1
Fri Feb 11environments, part 2E3 due; E4 released
Mon Feb 14procedures; scopeA4.1 due
Wed Feb 16mutationA4.2 due; A5 released
Fri Feb 18environments reviewA4.3 dueE4 due; E5 released
Mon Feb 21intro to OOP
Wed Feb 23methodsA5 due; A6 released
Fri Feb 25inheritanceE5 due; E6 released
Mon Feb 28super methods
Wed Mar 2interfacesA6 due; A7 released
Fri Mar 4SML and typesE6 due; E7 released
Mon Mar 7SML and types 2
Wed Mar 9SML and types 3
Fri Mar 11⏰ midterm exam 2A7 dueE7 due
🎉Mon Mar 14spring break (no class)
🎉Wed Mar 16spring break (no class)
🎉Fri Mar 18spring break (no class)
Mon Mar 21SML and types 4A8 released
Wed Mar 23unificationE8 released
Fri Mar 25unification 2
Mon Mar 28logic programming and PrologA8.1 due
Wed Mar 30logic programming and Prolog 2A8.2 due; A9 releasedE8 due; E9 released
Fri Apr 1logic programming and Prolog 3A8.3 due
Mon Apr 4implementing logic programming
Wed Apr 6continuationsA9 due; A10 releasedE9 due; E10 released
Fri Apr 8concurrency
Mon Apr 11concurrency 2
Wed Apr 13⏰ midterm exam 3E10 due; E11 released
🎉Fri Apr 15spring holiday (no class)
Mon Apr 18concurrency 3A10 due; A11 released
Wed Apr 20concurrency 4E11 due; E12 released
Fri Apr 22concurrency 5; macros 1
Mon Apr 25macros 2A11.1 due
Wed Apr 27macros 3A11.2 dueE12 due
Fri Apr 29⏰ final exam at 8amA11.3 due